My Journey...

My passion to help people grow started at a very young age. It was always something I held in my heart and I knew early on that it would be one of my ultimate goals in life. I started my career at 16 as a teacher - by accident! Yes, I literally stumbled upon this lifelong journey. In that moment, I felt a sense of satisfaction and happiness that I had never felt. I wanted to help people grow to reach their full potential. Since then, I have made it a priority to stay involved in coaching people from various walks of life. I have personally worked with hundreds of kids, and thousands of adults in the last 25 years as I trained them on self developmental, personal growth principles as well as leadership skills.  


Years later, I started my first company (Kshitija Consulting) which primarily focused on helping professionals learn and grow to find and fit themselves properly into their dream jobs. I had the pleasure of coaching over 500 people in a span of 12 months on resume building, interview techniques, cultural intelligence, leadership and personal development skills.​


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My passion for teaching eventually landed me in the heart of the corporate world. I accepted a role of Regional Training and Development Lead for a Fortune 500 Life Insurance company and headed a team of trainers, management personnel and insurance advisors. This lead me to personally train over 5000 management personnel and advisors in a span of five years. I was honored as the youngest and most

successful trainer in the company based on the quantitative success of my trainees.

To further expand my virtual reach through this position, I was given a regional talk show called "Coffee with Uma" to help sales managers and trainers engage more closely and continue to cultivate their skills to enhance professional performance.  I have always held this phase of my career as one that I will cherish forever. This opportunity gave me the ability to envision myself coaching for a living. It was where I decided I would never stop helping people who want to learn and grow themselves into the person they've always wanted to be. 

From then on, I have navigated my way through various corporate ladders but never lost sight of the love and vision I had for coaching.  In 2018, I went through a major life changing spinal surgery that introduced me to a new perspective of Mental Health.  I expanded my vision and love beyond coaching into the Mental Health arena.  I started Inside the Diverse Mind in 2019 to expand my vision and continue doing what feels most fulfilling to me - helping people find themselves. 

Inside the Diverse MIND is by far one of the most rewarding experience of my life. I can't wait to guide each and every fearless entrepreneurs, ambitious corporate leaders, social warriors and our next generation leaders to exceed their own expectations through various programs, events and coaching sessions offered through Inside the Diverse MIND.

Hand in hand, step by step. Together. 


  • Masters in Human Resources

  • Certified Image Consultant

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner

  • Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology

I am currently pursuing a second Masters degree in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health

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