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IDEA to Identity

"Idea to Identity" is an innovative project designed to nurture the seeds of creativity and vision in individuals, transforming them into tangible, impactful identities. This project focuses on empowering participants to discover and refine their unique ideas, guiding them through a journey of self-exploration and skill development.

At its core, "Idea to Identity" is about helping individuals translate their passions and visions into actionable plans and concrete identities. Whether it's a budding entrepreneur, a creative artist, or a visionary thinker, this project provides the tools, mentorship, and support network necessary to bring their ideas to life.

Through a series of workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and collaborative forums, participants are encouraged to delve deep into their concepts, challenge their boundaries, and emerge with a clear, confident identity. The goal is not just to create a brand or a business, but to foster a sense of purpose and direction that resonates deeply with one's personal and professional aspirations.


Inside the Diverse Mind is proud to be associated with TEDx, an internationally recognized platform for spreading innovative ideas. Our involvement with TEDx reflects our commitment to sharing knowledge, inspiring change, and connecting people through powerful storytelling.


Our TEDx events are carefully curated to feature a diverse range of speakers who bring unique perspectives and insights. These events are more than just talks; they are an exchange of ideas that spark conversations, challenge conventional thinking, and inspire action.

The themes and topics covered in our TEDx events align with our core values of empowerment, diversity, and resilience. We aim to create an environment where ideas flourish and individuals are inspired to explore their potential. Each event is an opportunity to engage with thought leaders, change-makers, and passionate individuals from various fields, fostering a community united by a desire to make a positive impact in the world.

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