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Youth Diversity Leadership Certification Program

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to equip your child with the right tools to grow themselves into strong leaders who are ready for the world of tomorrow, then you’ve come to the right place.

What does this program entail? Great question.

This is an intensive 6-month program split into two semesters - Spring semester will be February to April and Fall semester will be September to November.

Each semester consists of three projects focused on Emotional, Social and Cultural leadership. Each student is expected to research the subject and present it at the end of the three-month period. While they research their topics, we will also be focusing on public speaking and presentation skills so they can grow their confidence and speak comfortably in front of others.


1. Host an interview with corporate leaders on the subject of Diversity and Inclusion for Inside the Diverse Mind (a diversity talk show)

2. Present one of the 6 projects at the annual speech competition

3. Diversity Youth Leaders certification

Program curriculum

Project 1 - Evaluate and understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a presenter. Learn how culture and emotions play a role in these concepts.

  • Verbal/non-verbal communication

  • Emotional Intelligence - On this topic we will learn more about what are emotions? do we need them? Are emotions crucial to human survival?

  • How does emotions influence the way we process information around us?

  • Effects of Interpretations and appraisals on our emotional health

  • Can we regulate and process emotions to benefit us?

Project 2 - Thinking about thinking

Let's talk thinking! Why do we think the way we do? Can we think about our thinking? Can we train our thinking to thinking differently?

Project 3 - Navigating Across Different Cultures

Culture Clash - Case study and presentation of events where behaviors and outcome has been different from what was expected

  • Cultural beliefs

  • Values

  • Attitudes and Behaviors

  • Conscious vs. Unconscious bias - wait, are there other types of biases? Yes! On this topic we will learn more about various other kinds of biases and how it impacts us.

Project 4 - Culture and Technological Revolution

Study the impact of technology on culture – case study

Project 5 - Inclusive Leadership

Research what it means to be an inclusive leader? Imagine a workplace environment when you land a job in the future. What should the professional environment of the future have for it to be considered “inclusive?”

  • Visible commitments

  • Awareness

  • Cultural intelligence (CQ)

Project 6 - Curiosity, Confident Communication and Empowerment

Altering your behavior does not mean you are losing yourself. How can we alter our behavior to empower ourselves and our surroundings?

Things to consider:

  • Communication in a world where everything is virtual

  • Key to effective listening skills

  • Resilient leadership

These are a few examples of the kinds of projects that I assign to each individual child, based on their interests. If any of these speak to you, and you wish to enroll your child in this program please sign up through this link here.

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