TEDx Speaker training curriculum

September 4th through December 4th (14-week program)

Stage 1 - Mastering the art of recognition your IDEA and Throughline (September)

  • Identifying and building on the IDEA that truly matters to you

  • Craft your IDEA into compelling narratives

  • Write your Throughline – What’s your point?

  • Why should your audience listen to you?

  • How do you establish your credibility?

  • Words Matter – writing your speech

  • What should you avoid?

  • What should you focus on?

  • Understanding your audience and what words would make an impact on them and why.

Stage – 2 – Develop your talk (October)

  • Scripting your speech using the right choice of words

  • Understand who your audience are and why are they here to listen to you

  • Strategies to effective storytelling

  • What’s your story? Does it matter to your audience? If not, how do you choose a story that matters?

  • Expressing complex ideas

  • What are the things you absolutely want to convey to your audience and why?

  • How do you convey these complex ideas in a way that is relatable?

  • How can you make your content exciting and engaging?

  • Can your audience feel the emotion in your IDEA? Can you make them laugh, cry, think, question?

  • Using visuals in your talk effectively

Stage – 3 – Plan your approach (November)

  • Let’s self-reflect

  • Difference between TED talk vs. other public speaking?

  • Does it matter?Demo

  • Watch and talk about 5 TEDxYouth speeches and what your liked in the speech and why

  • Memorizing and re-memorizing your speech

  • Techniques to memorizing and re-scripting and adding/deleting content based on audience cues as you speak on the stage

  • Understand your virtual audience

  • Demographics/Interest/Why are there here

  • Voice, Body language

  • Master the art of voice modulation

  • Body language

Stage 4 - Let’s get ready to get on stage

December 19th @ 9am – TEDxYouth@Southlake


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