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Leadership Driven by Difference

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

If you don’t know what it takes to be an impactful leader, do you know who does? Everyone else!  

What does an impactful leader mean for the next generation?  What would foster and nurture an environment for better innovation?  Would the best IQ/EQ score be enough?

In a world where people move from everywhere to everywhere, cultural diversity is inevitable. What then are we doing to prepare our leaders to adapt and lead a culturally diverse team?  

I recently started reading a book called Driven by Difference by David Livermore who talks about Cultural Intelligence in his book.    This subject was an eye opener for me as a Leader and as a mom.  According to Dr. David,  Cultural Intelligence is the new IQ our leaders need to transform into an impactful and respectable leaders!  Cultural intelligence is the ability to relate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds. 

We are all naturally habituated to be attracted to the safety of familiarity.  We tend to sit close to people we know, talk more to people we think are like us, subconsciously are influenced to hire people who are like us.  Dr. Livermore says, homogeneous teams breed longterm organizational disaster.   How do we then as leaders break this habit and train our minds to be culturally intelligent?  

Consciously making efforts to be intentional about our choices and actions is the first step.  Seeking to understand different perspectives and decoding what and why of these perspectives is a step forward towards a Culturally Intelligent leadership.   

What can we as parents do today to prepare our kids to be a culturally intelligent leader tomorrow?  

What can we as parents do today to prepare our kids to be a culturally intelligent leader tomorrow?  

As a first step, let’s teach our kids to step out of their comfort zone and reach out to kids who are different from themselves.  Kids who have a different perspective and start understanding their perspective and understand why.  Let’s challenge our kids to get to know someone new who has a completely different perspective from them and document why the perspective is different.  

Let's challenge ourselves to be a Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive leader! 

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