Kelly Ann Baker, DPA

About Me 

Public speaking used to terrify me. I have almost failed classes because I could not complete the final presentation. Public speaking used to terrify me and now it is what a do for a living. ​

What happened? What was the shift that caused me to enjoy public speaking instead of loathing it?​

What I realized is that my voice was going to take me places. Using my voice for good and to reach people was going to take me places. I had to get over my fear of speaking in public to progress to where I wanted to go.

Speeches are opportunities. Speeches are opportunities for you to be seen and heard. Public speaking leads to opportunities personally, educationally, and professionally.

I am someone who learns first and takes that knowledge to teach others. I have taught swim lessons, preschool, and college-level courses. I have taught outdoor education courses to people of all ages. I enjoy teaching and seeing the lightbulb turn on (the ‘eureka’ moment) for someone else. To see happiness in understanding something or achieving something is priceless. 

Professionally I have worked in the non-profit, agriculture, solar, real estate, and education sectors. Currently, I am a college professor at the West Chester University of Pennsylvania and Delaware County Community College of Pennsylvania. I teach Business and Professional Speaking, Public Speaking, and Interpersonal Communications. I am also the Director of Education at the Levoy Theater and an SAT Prep Tutor teaching the critical reading section of the exam.

Outside of work, I garden. I grow and donate produce to local food banks. I also landscape for a historic property in West Chester, PA. I am also a runner and enjoy adventures with my dogs or grading with my cats.

I am so excited for this opportunity to work with Uma and meet all of you here at Inside the Diverse Mind. I know we will learn so much for one another and I cannot wait to get started.  

Education / Certificates 

B.A. Immaculata University 

M.A. West Chester University 

DPA West Chester University